Comedian Pat Brown Photo

Comedian Pat Brown live at Uptown Comedy Club, Atlanta, GA

Hi, this is me…Pat Brown,

And this is my short biography, OR rather my short auto-biography, since, I wrote it me–self.

I grew up in Kansas City, MO in an all-black neighborhood, which surprises people because MO is so midwestern…AND… so white. This would later surprise me too,  when I got my drivers license and started to wander around the place.

I lived in a house with my parents, two brothers and a sister. I was the youngest, which in my household held no special significance. If fact, my arrival in the world was treated, with the same level of  irritation directed towards people who arrive at the store minutes before it closes: Oh, they’ll let you in, while reminding you–the whole time, “You almost didn’t make it!”

I was a active girl that loved sports, outdoors and playing with my brother, all to the dismay of my father, who strongly felt, I should “sit my ass down somewhere”, which later, I figured out was code, for, “please, don’t be gay”. Yeah, good luck with that.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by laughter, mainly because my family were bullies. But laughter and being funny were a heralded talent in my family. Both my father and brother were extremely funny and I recognized-early on, being funny made me happy.  So, I began to hone my craft on school buses, during lunch periods–mine and anyone else’s, at tuba practice and in my friend’s poorly constructed basement turned rec-room. After many years, I became a savvy entertainer for small audiences, usually 2 , no more than 3, with high school level intelligence, or lower. All in all, I got pretty good. I was voted “Most Humorous” in my senior year, despite the unfortunate dark cloud of a “hanging  chad” controversy. But a wins, a win.

After high school, I said “Yes” to a basketball scholarship to South Carolina State University and a diet of– a whole lot of chicken and rice.  After graduating with a B. A. in Theatre (still don’t know why I choose that major) I moved to Atlanta, GA to figure out what I was gonna do with my life, around other black people who seemed like they knew what they were doing with their lives.

For a short stint, I unhappily worked for Marriott Courtyard then Sam’s Club which equally numbed my brain and killed my soul in exchange for heath insurance. In 1993 I debuted as a stand up at the Comedy Act Theatre to enliven my funny and prove to myself I could make more than 3 people laugh at a time. The Comedy Act was the epicenter of black comedy, and at the time, one of the only two black comedy clubs in the country. It was home to future comic elites, such as, Chris Tucker, Monique, Sommore, Earthquake, and a lot more people with one word names. It was there I found my voice: smart silliness with an urban sensibility.  My comic abilities were extended to improv, with 10+ years as a performing member of the improv troupes, Laughing Matters and Blacktop Circus.

My first television stand up appearance was in 1999 on BET’s Comic View and I went on to appear 8 times, the last being in 2013, the Comic View Relaunch. In 2001-2002 I became a cast member and writer for BET’s The Way We Do It, starring Rickey Smiley. In 2004, I was a regional Winner and National Finalist in the Bacardi By Night Comedy Competition, which landed me a  glam spread in Vibe Magazine. “I looked really purdey!”

I won the 2007 Las Vegas Comedy Festival “Best Female Comic”.

Later that year, I appeared in NBC’s Comics Unleashed.  I starred as wise-cracking  as “Aunt Agnes” in the independent  film Somebodies, which received critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival. Afterwards, I reprised the same role, as a season regular for the TV version of Somebodies, BET’s first scripted sitcom.  Other appearances include: Comedy Central’s Jamie Fox Laffapalooza, Three Can Play That Game with Vivaca Fox, Guest Host Hot 97 Atlanta, AXS TV Gotham Live, Bounce TV’s Off The Chain, Bob and Tom Show Radio Show, regular on Sirius The Foxhole and the 2013 WINNER of the She-Devil Comedy Festival.

Most recently,  I appeared on the stand up show  Laughs on Fox, 2014.

Please watch my latest acting appearance, starring as “Ms Sophia” in “White Water”, February 7th, on TVOne.